Yoga at DNC Studio, Slough

Yoga has been an integral part of the offerings at DNC Dance & Yoga Studio since 2011. Yoga classes at DNC Studio are recommended for anyone with or without health problems. Each of the experienced teachers can tweak postures, according to individual needs. Whether you are a beginner or have done Yoga before, you will be made to feel at ease with each teacher’s individual approach in a calm and atmospheric setting.



Yoga for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Yoga classes are held on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings at DNC Dance & Yoga Studio, 459 Bath Road, SL1 6AA.
All courses last for 10 consecutive weeks. If you miss a session, there is no option to swap it for another day. The course fee is payable in advance, in full. It is non-refundable regardless of circumstances. Drop in/pay as you go options are not available, due to the course being progressive so continuity is key.

Each of the sessions last 1 hour and include a series of Asanas (postures), which develop STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY AND BALANCE.

Although we start promptly at 6.45pm, you are invited to arrive from 6.30pm for a herbal tea and chat with our friendly teachers and members of the group. This is an opportunity for you to dedicate time to yourself, make new friends and be in a caring, supportive environment for the evening.

Through regular weekly classes, you will be introduced to the concept of controlling your mind with your breath, to bring yourself into the present moment, through the contrast of movement and stillness. After a prolonged period of practice, you will notice physical benefits such as better digestion, improved sleep patterns, increased concentration and emotional harmony. You will leave EACH session feeling recharged and rejuvenated.
You will also become aware over time that you build up inner strength, resilience and develop a positive attitude towards life.                                    In order to get the best results and to incorporate Yoga into your lifestyle we recommend trying to attend every week. Alongside the class, participants are recommended to do at least 15mins of practice per day into their daily routine to develop a significant lifestyle change.

Which class is right for you?



Mondays 6.45-7.45pm studio class

A dynamic class to get your week off to a good start! Through a series of asanas (postures) and breathing exercises you will leave the session feeling invigorated. Over time, you will build up strength, balance and flexibility. This is a popular studio only class, so limited spaces available, with Covid measures in place.

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Thursday 6:45-7:45pm studio & online

Thursday is not quite mid-week but its not the end of the week either! Break up your routine by attending a Thursday evening Yoga class, either at the studio or online. This is a live hybrid class broadcasted online, for those nights when you finish late or you just feel like staying at home!

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Fridays 6:45-7:45pm studio class

Log out of your emails and go from your desk to the Yoga mat on Friday evening! An opportunity for you to BREATHE away the stress of the week and transition into weekend mode! 1hr flow class consisting of postures, breathing techniques, a deep relaxation and Meditation.

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Nikita [Monday & Thursday]

Nikita spent an intensive period of time at Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, South India to achieve her 200 hour Teacher Training qualification and certification to teach. During this solitude Nikita had a calling to share her experiences with others and she started teaching adults in 2010 and later went on to qualify as a children’s Yoga instructor. In 2021, Nikita completed 100hrs Meditation Teacher Training qualification.
Nikita has since built up a depth of knowledge and wisdom which she brings to her weekly group Yoga classes. Each session is structured, with a desired outcome to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Many students say their class is the highlight of their week! Most report that they sleep better and feel less anxious in the next few days after their class. Nikita’s classes are recommended for anyone with or without health problems. She can tweak the postures, according to individual needs.
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Susie [Friday]

I first found yoga when I was 16 years old and would accompany my Mum to her classes. I loved the peace and healing I felt after these sessions. I then rediscovered yoga again later in life after suffering from very bad anxiety. I loved the way yoga allowed me to be completely present in the moment and how I could work with the breath, mind and soul as well as the physical body. No other form of movement gave me this. Yoga was such a great ‘all rounder’ for the whole human being. I have practiced and taught a range of yoga styles from the dynamic vinyasa to the healing restorative. My classes now mix creative flow with held postures and finish with relaxation/guided meditation. Teaching in this way allows students to find freedom in their mind and body through the creative flow element as well as finding balance in the mind and body through the held postures. Incorporating relaxation and guided meditation allows students to find stillness, healing & peace.
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Susan [Cover Teacher]

 I lI’m Susan! By day I work for an airline so I’ve been lucky to travel the world and experience Yoga classes in many countries for the last 18 years. It started as a way of keeping fit while I was away from home but before long I realised I was sleeping better, more focused and stronger! Now my trusty travel mat is in my bag every time I go to work so that I can continue to practice from my hotel room or a local studio. I love teaching my favourite styles of Yoga, namely Vinyasa Flow and Yin, to beginners and experienced students alike, helping them feel the benefits of a regular yoga practice.
I also teach Menopause Yoga™️ , a specific programme put together by Petra Coveney and Dr Louise Newson to help relieve many symptoms often experienced by those in perimenopause, menopause and post menopause. Join in or just lie on your mat and breathe – everyone is welcome! I love covering classes as it allows me to meet new people and introduce them to different styles.

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