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Journey with Nikita’ was launched in 2021, by Nikita Thakrar (experienced Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach and Meditation facilitator). Nikita combines her range of skills and expertise, to offer participants of her Wellbeing Workshops well-rounded, holistic sessions of self growth and personal development. The below events are designed for those ready to explore their authentic self and unlock their full potential. ALL workshops are based at DNC Studio in Slough and cost £30.00 including refreshments.

🍂Autumn Wellbeing Workshops, with Nikita at DNC studio🍁

Friday 1st October [7-9pm] AND Sunday 10th October [4-6pm]
Theme: Pranayama and Yoga Nidra
We will begin the candle lit afternoon/evening with a restorative series of pranayama (breathing techniques), enabling you to relax and realign your body and mind. We will then move onto Yoga Nidra where you will lie down on a mat, with a comfortable pillow and blanket, and be guided into a state of deep sleep. We will conclude with a powerful meditation, against the backdrop of soothing music and Nikita’s calming voice before sharing our experience with each other over a hot cup of herbal tea and refreshments.

Friday 8th October AND Friday 5th November [7-9pm] at DNC Studio
Theme: Self healing with essential oils

2hr relaxing workshop consisting of breathing techniques, meditation and chakra balancing, using the application of pure essential oils. Ideal for anyone struggling with their emotions or in need of SELF-CARE. [Includes refreshments & bottle of essential oil to continue your wellbeing at home].

Friday 15th October [7-9pm] at DNC Studio

Theme: Coping with uncertainty
Many of us struggle with not knowing what is going to happen or how things will plan out. In this 2hr workshop you will BEGIN to start the process of letting go, releasing stuck emotions and restoring emotional balance. Through a range of Meditations and Journaling exercises, you will start to experience curiosity and joy rather than fear and anxiety for the unknown.

Sunday 17th October [4-6pm]
 at DNC Studio

Theme: Stress management & Positive thinking
Is it possible to have a busy life without feeling overwhelmed? In this 2hr workshop you will stress management tools and positive thinking techniques to incorporate into your day to day life. Mindfulness plays a big part in being present and not resisting. Together we will set positive affirmations.
You will leave Nikita’s workshops ENERGISED, UPLIFTED & INSPIRED…

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Life Coach
Life Coach
Life Coach
Life Coach
Nikita is a wonderful Meditation instructor and she is keen on raising a positive mindset and promoting mindfulness. It was absolutely amazing and enlightening to have a session with her.
Ayca Dilara Sancar

Nikita’s sessions are excellent, her studio is very nice and clean and has a great ambience and is very relaxing and calm. I would highly recommend her workshops which are extremely enjoyable, enlightening and relaxing. Both the yoga and meditation sessions are excellent to help with stress and anxiety. Nikita explains everything so clearly and has a very calming voice.
Rita Chana

I have been going to Yoga classes and workshops with Nikita for over 3 years, both in person and online. Her classes are so accessible for all levels. I always leave feeling at peace physically and mentally. I have recommended her to many friends and will continue to do so.

Sarah Jayne-Smith

Fabulous, friendly classes and workshops to learn Yoga & Meditation. Nikita creates a wonderful, calm atmosphere and balanced blend of meditation, exercise and breathing.

Debbie Lanigan

I attended Nikita’s Wellbeing Workshop – Self Care and Essential Oils, on 19th Sept 2021. Totally amazing and highly recommended!
The Workshop was professionally organised, beautiful setting with dim lighting and candles.
I was requested to select an oil which I was attracted too. I chose Geranium. Nikita then explained the benefits. One big thing for me was this oil helps with supporting vibrant healthy hair, I have a condition called frontal alopecia. So you can imagine how I felt when I got the oil which I needed. The other main benefit is it promotes clear health skin, wow double whammy. Nikita also explained the technique of application and we got to keep the oil we had chosen.
For Self Care we worked on our Chakras, Meditation and Breathing techniques.
Wonderful Workshop worth going for – huge benefits to mind, body and soul. Thank you Nikita!
Romni Bajwa

I attend monthly Wellbeing Workshops and have regular Reiki treatments with Nikita. From the moment I enter the room Nikita makes me feel so welcome and at ease. Nikita has such a professional and personal touch that reflects her wonderful personality. Throughout the sessions she made me feel completely relaxed. I leave each session feeling lighter, uplifted and re energised.

Amandeep Mahal

Nikita has an incredible gift with teaching and connecting with others. Her yoga classes and meditation workshops are inspirational, immensely relaxing and they encourage self-love, appreciation for life and awareness. I have travelled the world and I am yet to find a more gentle and caring yoga teacher and reiki healer. She is truly special. I look forward to these workshops every month!

Amy O'Loughlin

Joining Nikita’s personal development programme has been one of the best things i’ve done. Nikita takes pride and has a special connection with all her students. I have trust in Nikita and now doing regular reiki and wellbeing workshops with her which i love. I would highly recommend this to anyone from all walks of life.
Sonya Sandhu

I have joined Nikita’s Yoga classes and Reiki healing sessions. I find them both very relaxing, uplifting and boosted my positive energy. I was new to both Yoga and Reiki and I was not sure what to expect but it’s Nikita’s positive energy, calming nature, attention to individual needs and expertise; I can feel so much of positivity within me and I have truly enjoyed every single bit of both sessions. After joining Nikita’s session, I realised I was missing essential part of my physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, I will highly recommend Nikita to anyone looking to uplift or restore their mental and physical health , she is a professional, competent and experienced coach.
Devanki Thapa

Nikita, your wellbeing workshop on self healing with essential oils was very empowering and relaxing. Would highly recommend it!
Sunita Anand

Which Wellbeing Workshop is right for you?

by Nikita

“I am passionate about working with a dynamic group of individuals, to integrate Coaching and Healing to bring positive change in their lives”

Nikita is a Reiki Healer, Life Coach and Meditation facilitator with a unique ability of taking people on an inner journey of self discovery…
She merges a variety of techniques from Mindfulness to Journaling, to encourage people to turn inwards; towards self reflection and contemplation.

Life Coach
Life Coach
Life Coach