SATURDAYS FROM 20th July - 17th August 2024


This FIVE week workshop is ideal for anyone thinking of joining DNC from September, to experience training at the studio/online.
To watch interviews by existing students, please click here or visit our google page to read 190 5* reviews.

I recently started classes at DNC for both my girls and myself. The teachers are really good because they focus on theory as well as dance. My girls (6 and 4 year olds) thoroughly enjoy their classes and so do I. Even though the lessons were online during lockdown, we still learnt so much and even my little one who is 4 manages to concerntrate and is so excited and happy after each class.
Neha Jasroita

Adult learner and parent

Nikita is a fantastic teacher! I have taken part in the beginners Kathak dance classes – Nikita ensures that the class understands the basics whilst also making sure that everyone is pushing themselves. I would highly recommend the lessons and I have signed up for another set of sessions to continue to learn!
Simren Sondh

Adult learner online

I have been at DNC for a few years now. Kathak has really given me an opportunity to help build my confidence. It has also let me take part in big showcases on stage and a chance to receive a scholarship because of Nikita’s wonderful teachings. I highly recommend DNC as it is not only a place to learn but a place to enjoy learning kathak with all your friends 🙂
Learning Kathak online was the highlight of my Lockdown and I would have lost alot of confidence if it wasn’t for these lessons keeping me happy and motivated.
Tia Chaudhary

14 year old Kathak student


  • Do I have to attend all 5 classes?
    Yes. The workshop is progressive so you need to attend every weekend to get the most benefit.

  • Will I be learning any exam material?
    No. This workshop to enhance overall Kathak technique. You will learn new pieces and choreography, which are not related to exams.
  • I already learn Kathak somewhere else, is this workshop ok for me to attend?
    Yes. This is designed for everyone, regardless of whether you are currently training at DNC. If you would like exposure to Nikita’s style and to spend an intensive week learning new material then this workshop will be perfect for you! Please note: DNC uniform is NOT required for summer school.

I have been with DNC for almost 9 years and don’t want to leave! Throughout my years Nikita has stuck with me and pushed me to excel though every moment. She has not only taught me dance but through all her guidance and support my confidence has grown. Nikita has taught me meaningful life lessons that I will carry throughout life. Unlike other teachers, the teachers at DNC provide a comfortable environment, where us students are able to express our feelings and weaknesses. I have also been very fortunate to assist another wonderful teacher Sam with the younger classes. I am very thankful to have such an enriching opportunity and through this, I have learnt to have patience and perseverance. I have recommended DNC to many people and will continue to do so as this company caters for everyone, regardless of age! 🙂
Simran Kher

17 year old Kathak student