DNC Summer Production 2022

Since DNC was formed in April 2005, the company have hosted an Annual Summer Production as a way for all their students to come together on one platform, to perform in front of their family and friends. During the Pandemic, the performance sadly got put on hold for 2yrs, and the last performance was in 2019 at Bhavan Centre, London. This year’s Summer Production in 2022, will therefore be extra special as kids as young as 4yrs of age, teens and adults excitedly prepare to present in front of a live audience!

Ways you can get involved in July 2022

If you are a student of DNC, you are invited to perform in this very special Summer Production taking place in July 2022. You would be required to attend classes either online or at the studio, and dress rehearsals at the studio a few weeks before. Even if you are in one/two dance routines, it is the taking part that counts!

Every good performance needs a good audience. If you enjoy music and dance, then you are warmly invited to spend an evening with the DNC family. You will be treated to an array of dances and colourful costumes. All you need to do is tap your feet, sing along to the words of the songs and give us big claps!

Organising a group of more than 50 dancers backstage is not easy! We therefore need enthusiastic and organised volunteers to ‘help out’. The main tasks would involve keeping the kids occupied in the dressing rooms and well looked after, so their parents can sit back, relax and enjoy the show 🙂 

Organising a dance show, on this scale requires time, effort and financial investment. The show means so much to the performers and their parents, but it cannot be funded through ticket sales alone. If you have a passion for the arts and would like to support our show we would be grateful to hear from you.