Aroma Reiki healing

Reiki is a an ancient Japanese healing technique, based on the principle of powerful life force energy, being transferred from the therapist to the client, by means of touch. The energy is channelled to activate the natural healing processes of the client’s body, resulting in restored physical and emotional well-being. Gift vouchers for treatments are also available.


Nikita qualified as a Reiki II Practitioner in 2019 and has since been using it as a tool for self healing as well as for helping others. Over the last 2 years she has treated several people suffering with their physical, mental and emotional health. In 2021 Nikita qualified in Aroma Reiki, a new treatment incorporating essential oils with Reiki.

Combining her spiritual knowledge of Chakras and her decade of Yoga experience, she incorporates breath work and Meditation into each session. Nikita is a sensitive and intuitive Reiki practitioner, who strives to give her clients a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. Nikita is also a trained Life Coach and many people feel a great sense of relief after a course of 6 consecutive treatments.

Her Reiki sessions are held at DNC Dance & Yoga Studio, 459 Bath Rd, Slough, SL1 6AA. Availability as follows:
Saturdays 3-6pm or Mondays 2-5pm

Clients will be on a wide comfortable treatment bed, with dim lighting, candles and incense to create the right ambience. During the consultation, clients can choose to confidentially share their physical or emotional concerns with Nikita, so she can tailor the treatment accordingly. An optional part of the healing process is the application of essential oils. Longer treatments include a discussion about findings, i.e. which chakras were more open and life coaching. This is an opportunity for clients to express anything that is on their mind, in order to release blockages and gain long-term benefits.

NB: Traditional Reiki clients are fully clothed but Aroma Reiki clients have their top half off, for the chakra balancing back massage.

Single treatments: £30 / £50
Course of treatments: £150 / £250

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Traditional Reiki healing (45mins)

40mins treatment
5mins discussion of findings

£30.00 per treatment
OR £150 for a course of 6

I absolutely recommend Nikita’s healing sessions. If you prioritise wellbeing and self care, you have the right guide in Nikita.
She is so intuitive and receptive to the body’s language, knows magically what to say and what to heal. I felt nurtured, protected, heard, loved, healed and cared for.
I walked away just in one session feeling so aligned and grounded. Only good things have happened since! Keep an open mind and do try Reiki.
Ashima Kudaiysa

Joining Nikitas personal development programme and Reiki healing has been one of the best things i’ve ever done.
Nikita takes pride and has a special connection with all her clients. I have trust in Nikita and I would highly recommend her Reiki healing, to anyone from all walks of life.
Sonya Sandhu


Aroma Reiki healing (90mins)

60min hands on treatment, including foot & back massage with essential oils, followed by traditional Reiki.
30mins coaching (includes discussion of findings).

£50.00 per treatment
OR £250 for a course of 6

I was suffering from serious back pain and an operation was the only way to correct this problem. I tried almost everything except Yoga and Reiki, which was recommended to me by a friend. I went to Nikita and several years later, I am still attending!
Nikita is an absolutely amazing spiritual lady. I feel revived after each Reiki treatment, stress free – words can not express. A new lease of life mentally and spiritually. MY BACK PAIN IS NOW 95% GONE!
Romni Bajwa

Nikita is a truly gifted reiki healer and yoga practitioner. She uses essential oils and massage in her healing practice, creating a complete sense of peace and serenity. I could not recommend her work more, she really is an extraordinary woman
Amy O'Loughlin


Reiki Gift Vouchers


Treat someone special to a
gift voucher, for a relaxing
Aroma Reiki treatment,
using pure essential oils…

What to expect

You will be treated to either 45mins/90mins relaxing session on a comfortable treatment bed. All you need to do is lie still and allow the powerful healing energy to go where it needs to go. You may feel warmth, or just a sense of calm and stillness. Some people even fall asleep, which means they are getting much deserved, deep relaxation. 

Regardless of which treatment you choose, Reiki energy will work on bringing comfort to the physical body, i.e. easing aches/pains but can also help with emotional blockages/ traumas depending on how open the client is to releasing these. 90mins treatments include coaching with Nikita.

To experience long-term benefit, a series of FIVE sessions is recommended, to experience healing of deeper layers of the body, mind and spirit. An optional part of the treatment is to have pure essential oils applied to your the soles of your feet, back and your head.

At the end of the session you will have the option to discuss the findings, with Nikita to learn more about which energy channels were blocked (if any) and what you can do at home, for continued well-being.

Reiki treatments are held at:

DNC Dance & Yoga Studio
459 Bath Road, Slough
Nearest train station: Burnham
Saturday / Monday only

Telephone: 01628 298582


Privacy, trust and respect

You will be treated with complete respect and privacy from start to finish. There will be nobody else in the studio during your treatment.