‘Journey with Nikita’ was launched during the Pandemic, by Nikita who combines her range of skills to empower individuals to live to their full potential.¬†

Personal Development Masterclasses with Nikita

  • Nikita offers participants stimulating sessions for self discovery, weekly online.
  • The programme is designed for those looking to enhance their mindset and unlock their true potential through positive thinking and introspection.
  • The next Personal Development course will be starting from 11th January 2022. 10 weeks (every Tuesday) 6.45-7.45pm.
  • Book a complimentary consultation, to discuss if this course will be right for you.

Wellbeing Workshops with Nikita

  • 2 hour interactive group workshop incorporating meditation techniques, mindfulness activities and journaling for self growth and personal development.
  • Experienced Meditation facilitator and life coach, Nikita will work closely with you, to unlock thought patterns and overcome limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your full potential.
  • Autumn Wellbeing Workshops for self-care at DNC Studio in Slough every Friday evening & Sunday afternoon.

ūüćāAutumn Wellbeing WorkshopsūüćĀ

by with Nikita, at DNC Studio


  • Learn about the relationship between your thoughts, behaviours and actions? Break the cycle, change your patterns and overcome limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

  • Get to know who you really are, aside from your roles and responsibilities and work towards defining your life’s purpose.

  • Become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

    *MINDFULNESS ~ JOURNALING ~ MEDITATION*¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Through weekly Masterclasses online, you will be mentored by Nikita’s unique style of coaching, with Guided Meditation.

Personal Development

What will I learn from Nikita?


Now more than ever, we need to look inwards in order to move forwards. Work closely with Nikita to identify thought and behavioural patterns that might be holding you back, from living your best life.


Through interactive weekly sessions, Nikita will work closely with you on SMART GOAL SETTING, to help you achieve your full capabilities and define your sense of purpose. You will leave each session feeling empowered, to take positive and productive steps forward.


As a society, we have come to accept that stress is a part of daily life. But what if you could be calm and connected to yourself everyday? You can through ancient breathing techniques, Yoga & Meditation.
Personal Development

YOGA is a 5000 year old practice, which aligns the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

Nikita qualified as a Yoga Teacher from Sivananda ashram in Kerala, and has since gone on to do follow up courses.

With more than a decade’s experience in teaching, Nikita’s weekly Yoga classes incorporate a¬†series of Asanas (postures), Breathing techniques (Pranayama), concluding with a deep relaxation (Nidra) and Meditation.

Meditation is a practice that has a long history of use, for increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance and enhancing health and well-being.

Scientific research has shown the significant effects that regular Meditation can have on our long-term mental health.

Nikita is an experienced Meditation guide, having initially trained with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and then completing 100hr Teacher Training course in Buddhist techniques and Vipassana.

As well as running weekly Meditation classes, Nikita is regularly hired by corporate organisations to deliver workshops.

Nikita has her own YouTube channel providing free guided meditation.

For more information about Meditation with Nikita, please click here.

NLP is a study of our thinking, behaviour and language patterns. It is a process of increasing awareness of our conscious and unconscious strategies to achieve excellence.

Nikita qualified as a Master Practitioner in NLP, under Sue Knight in 2012 and has since used it in all the work that she does. She went on to complete an intensive life coaching course in 2021. She is passionate about combining all of her skills to give clients a well-rounded holistic experience.

REIKI is a Japanese healing modality, based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the person’s body to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Nikita has qualified upto Level 2 along with Aroma Reiki (using essential oils). She is a naturally intuitive and sensitive Reiki practitioner. She offers healing sessions in Slough, Reading and online.

To find about more about Nikita’s Reiki sessions and to book a treatment please click here.

The style of dance that Nikita specialises in is classical Indian KATHAK, which is a beautiful amalgamation of both Hindu and Mughal cultures. Incorporating rhythm, poetry, storytelling, footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions it is a graceful yet dynamic dance form originating 5000 years ago. Nikita is passionate about promoting mindfulness through dance.

Please click here to watch a video of how dance has had an impact on the physical and mental health of Nikita’s students.

To enquire about learning Kathak with Nikita please click here.

Message from Nikita

Namaste! I have 17 years  experience running my Indian classical dance company in Slough. I am also a qualified Yoga instructor, experienced Meditation facilitator, certified NLP Master Practitioner and Life coach.

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about Personal Development, through reading books, attending seminars, conferences and having a coach myself. In 2021, during the Pandemic I formulated a unique Personal Development programme.

My programme is unique because it encompasses Wellbeing activities and Meditation techniques with Journaling exercises, to enable people to reflect and understand themselves better.  

I am looking forward to working with a dynamic group, who are ready to bring positive change into their lives.

Are you ready to join me on this transformative journey?

Personal Development


2) Book a session

If you feel inspired by Nikita’s ideas and are ready to incorporate Personal Development into your lifestyle, then book a complimentary¬†15mins 1-1 consultation¬†online OR¬†Wellbeing Workshop at DNC Studio, amongst a small group of likeminded people.

You will learn more about what the Personal Development programme entails and get to know if Nikita’s style of coaching is right for you.

In December 2021, Nikita is hosting her first full day Winter Wellbeing day Retreat. A fun and insightful day filled with Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Journaling; nourishment for the soul! To find out more click here.


3) Get to know the new you!

Once you begin your Journey with Nikita, there will be no looking back. You will be on route to living your healthiest, happiest life.

All members will be encouraged to establish a daily Meditation practice and will be motivated to make positive lifestyle changes.

You will be regularly sent DAILY inspiration, in the form of a blog, poem or podcast by Nikita.

Each week you will attend LIVE online Masterclasses, exploring a new topic related to Personal Development. You will leave each session feeling uplifted, armed with tools and techniques to become the BEST version of yourself…!

Is my personal development programme right for you?

by Nikita

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