Kathak Dance

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Kathak Dance
Kathak Dance

Learn Kathak Dance Online

Kathak is a 5000 year old artform. It is a beautiful amalgamation of historic influences from Hindu and Mughal cultures. Incorporating rhythm, poetry, storytelling, footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions; Kathak is a graceful yet dynamic art form which brings discipline to anyone who learns it. 

DNC began teaching ONLINE Kathak classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, many new people joined from all over the UK and flourished under the structured training methods and guidance they received from Nikita and her team of teachers. Along with current students, many reported that the online classes enhanced their physical and mental health, with some saying they would not have been able to get through Lockdowns without online Kathak sessions.

Due to the success, DNC is now offering online classes as a permanent solution for those who cannot commute to the studio due to distance, or anyone who is concerned about Covid-19. Alongside weekly classes on MS Teams, resources will be sent including instructional videos, podcasts and handouts to help students practice at home. ALL students of DNC receive mentoring and support from Nikita, to encourage them to achieve their full potential.

Certifications, performance opportunities and examinations are available for everyone who participates in online classes. Watch this video to hear what our existing students think.

Online dance classes are suitable for beginners who are either new to the dance form or are resuming after a long break. Beginners will be introduced to the fundamental basics of the art form; which include footwork, hand movements and spins. They will also be exposed to hand gestures and storytelling aspects along with basic rhythmic patterns and Kathak vocabulary. Click here to watch a video of existing students sharing how they feel learning Kathak during the Pandemic.

Kathak Dance

Kathak dance for enhanced physical & mental health

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