the FIVE steps i TOOK to take control of my health…

I got tired of living with symptoms and side effects

I am Nikita and as I am approach my mid-thirties, I begin to reflect on my health challenges over the years. Despite my series of struggles, I have remained resilient and gone on to achieve my dreams. I have remained positive throughout the ongoing obstacles and continue to strive towards helping others, even when diagnosed with a long-term condition.

I have been through battles and rollercoasters between

This has at times made me feel down and depleted, as if my body was turning against me. I felt as though every time I picked myself up, I got knocked down again.  Until the start of the first Lockdown, when I began to take complete control of my circumstances. Within a year I noticed positive changes, which has enabled me to reverse my suffering.  Although I am still on medication which I cannot eliminate, I know now that I have the power to change the way I look at the situation and I am here to show you HOW you can do the same…

Nikita receiving an award, from Davina Mcall
Nikita receiving an award, from fitness expert,
Davina McCall

Reaching a stage of ACCEPTANCE

Whether you have a past or existing medical condition(s), the first part to my workshop will be exploring how we can come to finally stop resisting and slowly begin accepting it.
This means going through a process of eliminating guilt, blame and shame. Through a series of Meditations & Journaling exercises I will guide you towards finding inner peace with yourself and your circumstances…

My 5 steps towards a healthier, happier life

In the second part of my workshop, you will learn FIVE simple yet profound steps, which will help you to implement small lifestyle changes, which will lead to longer-term better health management.
I will share personal stories, along with evidence and research to ‘convince’ you that these steps are key to a healthier, happier YOU! We will conclude with a Meditation.
Diet & supplements
Positive mindset

Health Workshop


“How I overcame health challenges to become the healthiest (and happiest) version of myself…”

2hr interactive workshop to provide you with powerful tools and techniques to conquer your health. Using NLP techniques, meditation and journaling, you will leave the session feeling in CONTROL of your health…

DISCLAIMER: Everything discussed in the group workshop will be tips based on my personal experience. It is by no means medical advice. Anyone with chronic health conditions should be under medical supervision and seek expert advice before making any lifestyle changes.

Is my health workshop right for you?

by Nikita

The next health workshop will be held online on Friday 3rd October 2021.

Due to the delicate and intimate subject matter, this workshop will only be available for a limited no of people. You will not be asked to share anything which may make you feel uncomfortable.

The session is ideal for people who are READY to make changes in the way they view their health. Please use the form on the right to submit an enquiry or register your interest.

LED BY NIKITA (Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and life coach)
COST: £30

Health workshop registration

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering attending the next health workshop, please read the FAQ’s below:

Does the course leader have any medical experience?
The workshop is being led by Nikita, who is a holistic Yoga teacher, Meditation guide and Reiki Practitioner. This is not a medical conference, it is a way of changing one’s mindset in how they perceive their health conditions. No medical advice will be given. 
What are the outcomes for the session?
The main objectives for the session are to give you powerful tools and techniques, which will enable you to take back control of your health. Regardless of your condition(s) you will leave feeling empowered, in knowing that its no longer you against your body.
Will this help my mental health?
Physical and mental health go hand in hand. Incorporating simple lifestyle changes into our routine can have profound effects on both. This workshop may be suitable for you, IF you feel ready to make these positive changes.
What is Nikita's experience of running workshops?
Nikita has been a dance teacher within her own company for the past 16 years. During this time she has mentored hundreds of students, enhancing their self confidence.

Nikita is also a Personal Development mentor, running weekly Masterclasses and monthly workshops for those looking to create profound change in their lives.

Nikita uses NLP techniques, along with CBT, coaching and Meditation to shift people’s mindsets towards positive thinking.

What will the format of the session be?
The session will last for 2hrs and will begin with a very short introduction by Nikita. You will be asked to write in the chat box why you are there, and what you hope to gain.

Nikita will share her personal health journey and then begin with sharing how she came to reach a stage of acceptance. We will then do a beautiful meditation, followed by a powerful journaling exercise.

In the second half, we will discuss the 5 steps and you will be encouraged to formulate a plan that works best for you.

We will conclude the session with meditation and reflections. Nikita will be available to answer questions and will schedule a follow up call a month later to see how you have progressed.

What date is the session going to be held on?
Due to the delicate subject matter, the workshop will only be held among a small group of individuals once a month. The date & time for that month will be emailed to you upon receipt of your form.

If for any reason you cannot attend this date, then please email us for info about the next one: with the subject HEALTH WORKSHOP.

Contact Nikita

If you would like to discuss anything or if you are considering signing up for a health workshop but have a question, feel free to get in touch: