A couple who dance together, stay together


I’m Nikita and I have more than 17 years experience in the dance industry. Being a performer myself, a teacher and running my own dance studio in Berkshire, has given me the opportunity to meet and train several hundreds of people and see them flourish in dance.
One of the biggest challenges however was training my husband, for our first dance just three years ago! He was typically someone who could be described as having ‘two left feet’, yet with hard work and perseverance we pulled of a magical dance, incorporating Indian dance steps and ballroom (as photographed). Our guests were pleasantly surprised and for us it was one of the highlights of our day.  Looking back, I realise that our practice sessions actually brought us closer together and for those moments we were dancing, we forgot about the stress of organising the wedding! I am so grateful that I recorded some of the rehearsals, as those videos are just as special to us as the day itself. We both look back with fond memories, and I love helping other couples achieve the same.

Wedding Planner

If you would like to work with me on not only developing a beautiful dance, but also creating memories then contact me to have a chat about your ideas for music you would like to work with. 

Our sessions, will be held in person at DNC Dance & Yoga Studio in Slough. You will have complete privacy as the studio will be hired exclusively for you.

The sessions last upto 90mins, which include a warm up, breakdown of dance steps and then building the routine. There will be opportunities to video yourselves, so you not only have something to refer to for practice, but also long-lasting memories for years to come.



Bronze Package



TWO sessions (upto 90mins per session)
One song of the couple’s choice
Final session can be in wedding attire with shoes 




FOUR sessions (upto 90mins per session)
Two songs of the couple’s choice
Editing of music if required
Final session can be in wedding attire with shoes



SIX sessions (upto 90mins per session)
Three songs of the couple’s choice (including a group dance with close family/friends)
Editing of music if required
Final session can in wedding attire with shoes 


Happy Clients

First Dance

Having our dance choreographed was the best thing we did. We had been dreading awkwardly swaying from side to side at our reception, but having a routine prepared gave us one less thing to worry about on the day!

First Dance

The build up to the wedding got very stressful, but having our weekly dance lessons ended up being our time out! It gave us escapism from the chaos, to focus on ourselves.

First Dance

Nikita’s studio and teaching was spot on. She choreographed our first dance as well as a group one for all of the cousins on both sides. We love looking back & having a laugh at the videos!