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indian Dance
indian Dance

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing to be part of the DNC community, established since 2005 serving the community of Slough. We are looking forward to welcoming you on a unique journey of personal development through dance. If you have a query feel free to contact us, otherwise please read the following FAQ’s and use these three steps when you are ready to enrol.

I have danced before, which level should I join?

Beginners! All dance teachers have a different style and so unless you have previously danced at DNC, it is advisable to start at beginners level and gradually work your way up.

My child is so young, what if I sign her up and she doesn't like it?

If you have a child above the age of 5yrs you are welcome to bring her into the dance studio to WATCH a class in action. We do not offer trial classes, however from our experience once a child joins they love it!

I would like to speak to someone before I sign up and pay.

If you have a genuine passion for learning dance and you have a question that has not been answered on this website, then we would be most happy to talk to you:
Phone – 01628 298582

Can I take one examination per year?

No! Dance is not a linear subject, therefore it is not possible to fast-track your way through the syllabus. It is an artform that needs to be learnt with patience & discipline. Depending on how much you practice/study, it takes an average of 10 years to complete all 6 grades.

Do you offer any other classes apart from Kathak?

We have a fantastic team of teachers running various classes throughout the week including Bollywood, Bhangra and Belly dance! Click here for our upto date class schedule.

I live far away from your studio, do you do online Kathak classes?

We currently only teach online on Mondays 5.30-6.30pm for beginners, with more class options coming soon. Click here for information.

When can I start performing?

You can perform upon completion of two academic terms, i.e. if you join in January then you may be able to perform in our annual July show if our teachers feel that you are ready. It all depends on how much you practice!

How much practice is required?

In order to progress, a minimum of 15 minutes per day is required at beginners level, 30mins at Intermediate level and 1hr per day at advanced. 

Is there a sibling / referral discount?

We offer £10 off if you introduce a friend/sibling, 

What shall I wear to the classes?

DNC’s uniform policy for children & teens of ALL levels consists of Black Kathak dress & Ghungroos (ankle bells). Adults can choose to wear their own dress, but ghungroos are compulsory for everyone. Click here to visit our ONLINE SHOP where you can purchase the DNC uniform, to collect on your first day of term.

Step 1 - Decide which class to join

Depending on your age and level, decide which class you would like to join from our 2023 CLASS TIMETABLE.

indian Dance

Step 2 - Fill in enrolment form

indian Dance

Step 3 - Pay for course & uniform

ALL Kathak students are required to wear the DNC Black dress & Ghungroos (ankle bells) which can be bought online or at the studio.
Beginners kids: Pink velcro
Beginners adults: 25 bells (grade 1-2)
Intermediate: 50 bells (grade 3-4)
Advanced: 100 bells (grade 5-6