How to enrol to start your journey through Kathak…

Mani Kathak
indian Dance

3 steps to begin your journey with DNC…

Thank you for choosing to be part of the DNC family, formed in 2005. We are looking forward to welcoming you and taking you on a unique journey of personal development through dance. If you have a query feel free to contact us, otherwise please use the following three steps to enrol:

Step 1 - Decide which class to join

Choose which class to join from our CLASS TIMETABLEIf you are unsure or would like to discuss, feel free to send an email.

Step 2 - Fill in enrolment form

Please fill in the ENROLMENT FORM to confirm your place. Kindly note, this form should not be used to make an enquiry.

Step 3 - Make payment & buy uniform

To secure your space we require the full course fee. If you fill in the form and do not make payment we will need to release your space. DNC’s uniform policy consists of Black Kathak dress & Ghungroos (ankle bells). Adults can choose to wear their own dress, but ghungroos are compulsory for everyone.