Kathak Dance

19 years of contribution to Indian dance in the UK...

DNC is an established Dance, Yoga & Personal Development company proud of our core values and students’ success.

  • ‘Dancing Nikita Company’ was formed in 2005.

  • ‘Yoga with Nikita’, was formed in 2010.

  • ‘DNC Dance & Yoga studio’, was formed in 2011.

  • ‘Journey with Nikita’, was formed in 2021.


Namaste! I’m Nikita and I have been fortunate to discover Indian classical dance from an early age. When I was 18 years old, i went to India by myself on a quest to pursue Kathak dance and find myself. Growing up into my adult years, learning this art form shaped me into who I am today. It instilled discipline, tenacity and gave me values which I live my life by. Learning Kathak had such a profound impact on my physical and mental health that I felt a strong calling to share this with others.



Since 2005, my company DNC has been training children, teenagers and adults of all ages in Kathak dance. Our aim is to Educate and Empower each individual to connect with their cultural identity. Through providing opportunities such as performances and examinations, we instil a sense of confidence in each person who train with us. In 2011, we launched a purpose built dance studio in Slough. Opening the studio doors, was the proudest moment of my life and a significant step forward for Indian dance in the UK.


Although I do not perform or teach dance myself as much anymore, I use the medium of mindfulness through movement, alongside yoga and coaching to guide people of all ages to achieve their full potential.

Through my free Positive Podcast, I aim to encourage people to shift their mindsets, develop self belief and follow their dreams, just like I have done. I want people to experience a deeper connection with who they really are, follow their calling and define their life’s purpose.

Kathak Dance in the UK and online


DNC has been an established business since 2005 and at the same premises (DNC Dance & Yoga studio) since September 2011.


DNC strives to Empower individuals of all ages to build self esteem, confidence and a strong sense of identity. DNC’s Kathak, Yoga and Personal Development training is tailored towards enhancing physical & mental health.

Communication with clients

DNC’s teachers and staff are trained to be open and honest in all forms of communication. Parents sending their children for dance training, give responsibility not onlyfor their safety but for their well-being and the environment in which they are exposed to. We therefore regularly communicate with parents, provide feedback and set targets for students to fulfil their full potential.

Integrity towards the artform

DNC is passionate about maintaining the integrity of the classical art form it teaches and showing upmost respect to the Gurus who have passed it down, from generation to generation. We aim to increase appreciation of this among our students and encourage them not to go beyond the boundaries of traditional Kathak dance maintaining its purity and authenticity.


Through careful observation, we support the growth of each student holistically and psychologically as they undertake a journey of self-development in the process of learning dance. DNC’s teachers provide support and mentoring, and the director (Nikita) is a trained life coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Culture & Community

Being connected to the community is a vital part of DNC’s success over the last 17 years. We act as a trusted resource to society, providing purpose built dance studio facilities, bringing people of all ages together celebrating multiculturalism and a passion for the arts.
Kathak dance for physical and mental health
17 years of contribution to dance in the UK. DNC is an established Dance, Yoga & Personal Development company proud of our core values and students’ success.

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