Kathak for adults

It is never too late to dance! Whether you are completely new or used to dance when you were younger, our training methods at DNC make it easy for you to pick up and develop Kathak techniques in a short space of time. Our ethos is to promote mindfulness through dance. We have a number of adults, balancing full time careers and children, alongside with weekly training and daily practice. If it has always been your dream to dance then don’t put it off any longer, join DNC this year to make friends & start your own journey!

Kathak Dance
Kathak Dance

Kathak is one of the eight Classical dances of India.

Originating from North India, DNC specialises in the style of Lucknow Gharana, directly from the lineage of the Late Pandit Birju Maharaji.
Kathak is is a disciplined and well-rounded art-form, which over time can have profound benefits on a person’s PHYSICAL and MENTAL health…
As well as practical dancing, there is a strong emphasis on theory, history, rhythmic cycles and much more. DNC teaches a holistic approach to Kathak, as a beautiful amalgamation of historic influences of both Hindu and Mughal cultures, incorporating rhythm, poetry, storytelling, footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions.
All classes are taught by Nikita (left image), who is a solo Kathak dance artist and the main teacher at DNC Studio. She has trained and mentored several hundreds of kids, teens and adults in Kathak, since 2005. Aside from dance, she is a Yoga instructor, Meditation facilitator, Reiki Master and Life Coach.

Which class will you join?

DNC offers both face-to-face and online options for adults’ wanting to learn Kathak dance. All of the below are suitable for beginners, who are either new to the form or are resuming dance after a long break.
Online classes are suitable for anyone who cannot commute to the DNC Dance & Yoga Studio in Slough.

Once you sign up for one of the below courses, there is no option to swap for another day if you are unavailable. However, if you do need to miss a class, videos will be sent to help you catch up. Course payments are non-refundable regardless of circumstances.

In addition to the commitment of attending weekly classes, regular practice is required in your own time, in order to progress. Kathak is a disciplined classical art form, which requires dedication and consistency, so please consider carefully if you can fit this into your lifestyle.

Is this dance course right for you?

by Nikita

Kathak Dance

Monday 8-9pm at DNC Studio
12th Sept – 28th Nov 2022 {£150}

Kathak Dance

Sunday 10-11am at DNC Studio
11th Sept – 27th Nov 2022 {£150}

Kathak Dance

Thursday 8-9pm online AND at DNC Studio
15th Sept – 1st Dec 2022 {£150}

Kathak Dance


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